ni = neither conjunction



English Translation of NI

: neither, nor
no es (ni) bueno ni maloit's neither good nor bad
ni hoy ni mañananeither today nor tomorrow
ni confirma ni niega las acusacioneshe neither confirms nor denies the allegations
zonas sin agua ni electricidadareas without water or power, areas with no water or power
no pagó ni un centavohe didn't pay a single cent
él no lo cree, ni yo tampocohe doesn't believe it, and neither do I
no le beneficia a ella ni a nadieit doesn't benefit her or anyone else
ni que : not even if, not as if
ni que me pagarannot even if they paid me
ni que fuera (yo) su madreit's not as if I were his mother
ni siquiera : not even
ni siquiera nos llamaronthey didn't even call us

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