acaso = perhaps adverb

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English Translation of ACASO

: perhaps, by any chance¿acaso no te lo he dicho cien veces? haven't I told you a hundred times? ¿acaso tengo yo la culpa de lo que haga mi hermana? (how) am I to blame for what my sister does? ¿acaso yo lo sé? how would I know? acaso no es verdad lo que dicen perhaps what they say is not true es acaso el más prestigioso galardón de poesía it is perhaps the most prestigious poetry award acaso venga perhaps he will come si acaso: no quiero nada, si acaso algo de fruta I don't want anything, except maybe or perhaps some fruit está bueno, si acaso un poco dulce it's quite good, if perhaps a bit too sweet no tienes que ir, si acaso lo llamas por teléfono you don't have to go, just give him a phone call si acaso llama, dímelo if by any chance he phones, let me know
por si acaso : just in caseyo por si acaso llevo impermeable I'm wearing a raincoat just in case llévalo por si acaso hace falta take it, just in case you need it

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Synonyms: quizá

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