acento = accent masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of ACENTO

: accentpon un acento sobre la o put an accent on the o tiene acento francés he has French accent tiene un acento muy cerrado he has a very strong accent con (un) fuerte acento andaluz with a strong Andalusian accent hablan inglés sin nada de acento they speak English without a trace of an accent un hombre de acento sudamericano a man with a South American accent
: stress, emphasisel acento cae en la segunda sílaba the stress or emphasis is on the second syllable un programa de jazz con acento latino a jazz programme with the emphasis on Latin American jazz ha sido una campaña con acento bipartidista it has been a campaign with a two-party emphasis poner el acento en algo to put the emphasis on something or to stress or emphasize something lo anunció con acento triunfal he announced it triumphantly

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