acompañar = to accompany transitive verb


transitive verb

English Translation of ACOMPAÑAR

transitive verb
: to accompany, to go withno quiero que me acompañe nadie I don't want anyone to go with me ¿quieres que te acompañe al médico? do you want me to go to the doctor's with you? ¡te acompaño! I'll come with you!

Examples of ACOMPAÑAR

    iba acompañado de dos guardaespaldas he had two bodyguards with him su abogado lo acompañó en la rueda de prensa his lawyer was with him at the press conference nos quedamos un rato para acompañar a la abuela we stayed a while to keep grandmother company su hermana la acompañó durante toda su enfermedad her sister stood by her side throughout the illness la mujer que lo acompañó en sus últimos años the woman who was his companion or who was companion to him in his last years se ofrecieron a acompañarme en la búsqueda they offered to join me in the search le acompaño en el sentimiento please accept my condolences el escándalo que acompañó al estreno de la ópera the scandal that accompanied the opening of the opera este vino acompaña bien al queso this wine goes well with cheese se puede acompañar de una salsa it can be served with a sauce

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