angustia = anguish feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of ANGUSTIA

Examples of ANGUSTIA

una mirada/sensación de angustia a look/feeling of anguish or distress
un grito de angustia a cry of anguish
sentía un nudo de angustia en la garganta I could feel a knot in my throat, from anguish
¡estuve a punto de caerme por el acantilado! ¡qué angustia! I was just about to fall off the cliff! what an ordeal!
da angustia ver esos niños tan delgados it's distressing to see children as thin as that
cada vez que voy en metro noto una terrible sensación de angustia every time I travel by underground I feel terribly anxious or I feel a terrible anxiety
no podía contener la angustia he could not contain his anxiety
su vejez estuvo llena de angustia he had an angst-ridden old age
ataque de angustia anxiety attack
me da angustia cuando como I feel sick if I eat
ser un angustias to be a worrier

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Sometimes Confused With: angustia (angustiar)

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