antojarse = to be appealing reflexive verb


reflexive verb
reflexive verb

English Translation of ANTOJARSE

reflexive verb
apetecer : to be appealing, to be desirable
se me antoja un heladoI feel like having ice cream
: to seem, to appear
los árboles se antojaban fantasmasthe trees seemed like ghosts

Examples of ANTOJARSE

antojársele a algo to take a fancy to something
se me antoja una cervecita I could go for a nice beer
antojársele a hacer algo to have a mind to do something
se le antojó ir al cine he took it into his head to go to the cinema
no se le antojó decir otra cosa it didn't occur to him to say anything else
no se me antoja ir I don't feel like going
antojarse que to imagine that
se me antoja que no estará I have the feeling that he won't be in
¿cómo se le antoja esto? how does this seem to you?

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