apañar = to seize transitive verb


transitive verb
transitive verb

English Translation of APAÑAR

transitive verb
: to seize, to grasp
: to repair, to mend
apañarse reflexive verb
: to manage, to get along

Examples of APAÑAR

    ¿me puedes apañar esta radio rota? can you fix this broken radio for me? apañó una cena con pocos ingredientes he put together a dinner with just a few ingredients apañó la mesa antes de que llegaran los comensales she got the table ready before the guests arrived apaña al niño que nos vamos pronto get the child ready, we'll be going soon yo me (las) apaño muy bien solo I manage or get by very well on my own yo me (las) apaño con poco dinero I get by or manage without much money ya me (las) apañaré por mi cuenta I'll manage or get by on my own apáñate(las) como puedas you'll have to manage as best you can apáñate(las) con lo que tengas make do with what you've got ya me (las) apañaré para llegar a Sevilla I'll find a way of getting to Seville somehow

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