apenas = hardly adverb

apenas = as soon as conjunction



English Translation of APENAS

: hardly, scarcely
apenas consigo dormirI can hardly or scarcely or barely sleep
—¿has leído mucho últimamente? —apenashave you been reading much lately? — "hardly anything"
cocinan sin apenas aceitethey cook with hardly any oil
siguió trabajando durante horas, sin apenas acusar el cansanciohe went on working for hours, with hardly any sign of tiredness
apenas si nos habló durante toda la cenahe hardly or barely or scarcely said a word to us throughout the whole dinner
apenas si nos queda dinerowe have hardly any money left
ahora apenas voyI hardly ever go now
faltan apenas cinco minutosthere's only five minutes to go
hace apenas un año que nos conocimosit's only a year ago that we met
había muy pocos alumnos, apenas diez o docethere were very few students, only or barely ten or twelve

Examples of APENAS

yo apenas tenía catorce años I was barely fourteen
apenas voy por la página cinco I'm only on page five
Apenas podía hablar después del accidente He could hardly or scarcely speak after the accident
Apenas nos conocemos We hardly or scarcely know each other
Apenas me había acostado cuando oí un ruido extraño No sooner had I gone to bed than I heard a strange noise

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Sometimes Confused With: apenas (apenar)



English Translation of APENAS

: as soon as
abandonaron la ciudad apenas amanecidothey left the city as soon as it got light
apenas llegue, te llamoI'll phone you as soon as I arrive
apenas había cumplido quince años cuando ...he'd only just turned fifteen when ...

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