atenerse = to abide reflexive verb


reflexive verb
reflexive verb

English Translation of ATENERSE

reflexive verb
: to abide tendrás que atenerte a las reglas you will have to abide by the rules

Examples of ATENERSE

    aténgase a lo que se le pregunta confine yourself to answering the question atenerse a la ley to abide by or obey the law aténgase a lo que se le ordena follow the orders debes atenerte a lo acordado you must stick to what has been agreed me atengo a mis declaraciones previas I stand by my previous statements simplemente nos atenemos a lo que has dicho we are simply taking into account or bearing in mind what you said contigo nunca sé a qué atenerme I never know what to expect with you si lo haces atente a las consecuencias if you do it, you'll have to take the consequences atente a tus ingresos y no gastes tanto keep within your income and don't spend so much viven ateniéndose a sus posibilidades they live within their means

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