auge = peak masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of AUGE

: peak, heightel agroturismo aún no ha alcanzado su auge rural tourism has not yet reached its peak Internet conocerá su auge en la próxima década the internet will reach its peak in the next decade está en el auge de su popularidad he is at the peak or height of his popularity
: boom, upturnya ha pasado el auge del tecno the heyday of techno is over el rápido auge del fundamentalismo the rapid rise of fundamentalism un momento de auge de la industria a time of industrial growth una moda en auge an increasingly popular fashion el feminismo está en auge feminism is increasingly successful or influential el sector turístico está en pleno auge tourism is booming or experiencing a boom una empresa en pleno auge a firm in full expansion

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