bañar = to bathe transitive verb


transitive verb
transitive verb

English Translation of BAÑAR

transitive verb
: to bathe, to wash
: to immerse, to dip
: to coat, to cover bañado en lágrimas bathed in tears
bañarse reflexive verb
: to take a bath, to bathe
: to go for a swim

Examples of BAÑAR

    bañar a alguien bathe somebody bañé al bebé esta mañana I bathed the baby this morning una galleta bañada en coñac a cookie dipped or soaked in brandy he bañado el pastel de or con chocolate I've covered the cake with chocolate icing esta pulsera está bañada en oro this bracelet is gold-plated bañado en sangre/sudor bathed or drenched in blood/sweat tenía la cara bañada en lágrimas her face was bathed in or wet with tears el Mediterráneo baña las costas catalanas the Catalan coast is washed by the Mediterranean la capital está bañada por el Guadalquivir the Guadalquivir runs through the capital el sol bañaba de luz su cuarto the sun flooded his room with light

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