bastante = enough adverb

bastante = enough adjective

bastante = enough pronoun



English Translation of BASTANTE

: enough, sufficiently he trabajado bastante I have worked enough ya has comido bastante you've eaten enough no tenemos bastante para ir de vacaciones we haven't enough to go on holiday ya tienen bastante como para que vayamos también nosotros con nuestros problemas they've got enough on their plate already without us taking our problems along es lo bastante alto como para alcanzarlo he's tall enough to reach it
: fairly, rather, quite llegaron bastante temprano they arrived quite early los niños han cambiado bastante the children have changed a fair amount or quite a lot lo he visto bastante últimamente I've seen a fair amount of him or quite a lot of him recently me gusta bastante I quite like it el libro está bastante bien it's quite a good book estoy bastante cansado I'm rather or quite tired habla inglés bastante bien she speaks quite good English or her English is quite good vivo bastante lejos I live quite a long way away

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Synonyms: suficientemente



English Translation of BASTANTE

: enough, sufficienthay bastante sitio para todos there is enough room for everyone ¿no tienes ya bastantes? haven't you got enough? no había bastante público there wasn't a big enough audience

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Synonyms: suficiente
Antonyms: escaso, insuficiente



English Translation of BASTANTE

: enough hemos visto bastante we have seen enough

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