baza = trick feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of BAZA

: trick (in card games)

Examples of BAZA

han usado el miedo como baza electoral they have used fear as an electoral weapon
Carlos es una de las principales bazas del equipo Carlos is one of the team's main weapons
el equipo supo aprovechar sus bazas the team made the most of its chances
si juega bien su baza, conseguirá el trabajo if he plays his cards right, he'll get the job
no es el momento de jugar su principal baza this is not the time to play their trump card
están jugando su última baza they are playing their last hand
Alemania juega una baza muy firme para el Mundial Germany has a good chance of winning the World Cup
le encanta meter baza aunque no tenga ni idea del tema she loves butting in even though she has no idea about the subject
cuando habla no deja meter baza a nadie when he's speaking he doesn't let anybody get a word in edgeways
es de los que siempre sacan baza de todo he's one of those people who always turns everything to their own advantage

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