be = ser verb


/ˈbiː/ verb
was, were, been, being, am, is, are

Spanish Translation of BE

intransitive verb
(expressing identity or category) : ser
José is a doctorJosé es doctor
I'm Ann's sistersoy la hermana de Ann
who is it? it's me¿quién es? soy yo
apes are mammalslos simios son mamíferos
if I were youyo en tu lugar, yo que tú
(expressing a quality) : ser
the dress is redel vestido es rojo
she's very intelligentella es muy inteligente
she's 10 years oldtiene 10 años
you're so silly!¡qué tonto eres!
I want you to be happyquiero que seas feliz
(expressing origin or possession) : ser
she's from Managuaes de Managua
it's minees mío
(expressing location) : estar, quedar
he's not at homeno está en casa
the cups are on the tablelas tazas están en la mesa
it's ten miles awayestá/queda diez millas de aquí
exist : ser, existir
to be or not to beser, o no ser
I think, therefore I ampienso, luego existo
come, go : estar, ir, venir
have you been to Paris?¿has estado en París?, ¿has ido a París?
she's been and gonellegó y se fue
(expressing a state of being) : estar, tener
how are you?¿cómo estás?
I'm cold/hungrytengo frío/hambre
they're sickestán enfermos
she's angryestá enojada
to be frankpara serte franco
cost : ser, costar
it's $5cuesta $5
equal : ser (igual a)
two plus two is fourdos más dos son cuatro
occur : ser
the concert is (on) Sundayel concierto es el domingo
impersonal verb
(indicating time) : ser
it's eight o'clockson las ocho
it's Fridayhoy es viernes
(indicating a condition) : hacer, estar
it's sunnyhace sol
it's very dark in hereestá muy oscuro aquí dentro
(used with {b}there{/b}) : haber
there's a book on the tablehay un libro en la mesa
there was an accidenthubo un accidente
there's someone at the doorllaman a la puerta
auxiliary verb
(expressing progression) : estar
I'm workingestoy trabajando
what were you saying?¿qué estabas diciendo?
it's snowingestá nevando
we've been waitinghemos estado esperando
(expressing future action)
I'm seeing him tonightvoy a verlo esta noche
are you coming tomorrow?¿vienes mañana?
she was never/not to see him againnunca volvería a verlo
the best is yet to comelo mejor está por venir
(used in passive constructions) : ser
it was finished yesterdayfue acabado ayer, se acabó ayer
(expressing possibility) : poderse
can she be trusted?¿se puede confiar en ella?
it was nowhere to be foundno se pudo encontrar por ninguna parte
you're not to blameno tienes la culpa
(expressing obligation) : deber
you are to stay heredebes quedarte aquí
he was to come yesterdayse esperaba que viniese ayer
to be oneself : ser uno mismo
be yourselfsé tú mismo

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