bestia = ignorant adjective

bestia = beast feminine noun

bestia = ignoramus masculine or feminine noun



English Translation of BESTIA

Examples of BESTIA

ese tío bestia le ha vuelto a pegar a su mujer that brute or animal (familiar) has been beating his wife again
no lo vayas a asustar ¡no seas bestia! you're not going to frighten him, are you? don't be such a brute or such an animal! (familiar)
los hinchas llegaron en plan bestia the supporters came looking for trouble
esa tía me pone bestia I've really got the hots for her (familiar)
un deporte parecido a la lucha libre pero más a lo bestia a sport that's similar to wrestling but more rough
lo tuyo son mentiras a lo bestia your lies are real whoppers (familiar)
todo lo haces a lo bestia you make a mess of everything you do
hoy hemos entrenado a lo bestia we trained really hard today
comimos a lo bestia we really stuffed ourselves (familiar)
conducen a lo bestia they drive like idiots
bebe a lo bestia he drinks like a fish
es tan bestia que no sabe ni sumar he's so thick he can't even add up (familiar)
¡anda, no seas bestia! ¡eso no puede ser verdad! don't be an idiot! that can't be true!
¡qué bestia! ¡ha ganado todos los partidos! she's amazing or incredible! she's won all the matches!
¡qué bestia! ¡se come cuatro huevos diarios! it's amazing! she eats four eggs a day!
¡qué bestia eres, le has ganado al campeón! what a star! you beat the champion!


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of BESTIA

: beast


masculine or feminine noun
masculine or feminine noun

English Translation of BESTIA

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