bola = ball feminine noun

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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of BOLA

: ball bola de nieve snowball
familiar : lie, fib
Mexico, familiar : bunch, group una bola de rateros a bunch of thieves
Mexico : uproar, tumult

Examples of BOLA

    van a sacar la bola premiada they're going to pick the winning ball del susto se me ha hecho una bola en el estómago my stomach knotted up with fright se lo he dicho mil veces pero no me da bola I've told him a thousand times but he doesn't take any notice or a blind bit of notice ¡dale bola! what, again! aquí cada uno va a su bola everyone does their own thing here (familiar) tú (ve) a tu bola just do your own thing (familiar) no me paró bolas he didn't take any notice para que no le salgan bolas es mejor lavarlo a mano it's best to wash it by hand to stop bobbles hacerse bolas to get bobbly sacar bola to flex one's muscles

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