borde = border masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of BORDE

al borde de : on the verge of estoy al borde de la locura I'm about to go crazy

Examples of BORDE

    se sentó en el borde del sofá she sat down on the edge of the sofa fotos con los bordes en blanco photos with white borders or edges sembró semillas en los bordes del césped he sowed some seeds at the sides or edges of the lawn iba andando por el borde de la carretera she was walking by the roadside or by the side of the road en el borde del Sena on the banks of the Seine el régimen está al borde del colapso the regime is on the verge of collapse or on the point of collapsing estamos al mismo borde del desastre we are on the very brink of disaster su carrera política está al borde del abismo her political career is teetering on the edge of the abyss están al borde de los cuarenta años they're close to forty estuvo al borde de la muerte por congelación she nearly froze to death

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Synonyms: orilla, canto, arista, vivo
Sometimes Confused With: bordé (bordar), borde (bordar)

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