brazo = arm masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of BRAZO

: arm
tomar del brazoto take by the arm
con los brazos cruzadoswith one's arms crossed
llevar en brazosto carry in one's arms
: arm (of an object), limb (of a tree)
: branch (of a river), inlet (of the sea)
brazo derecho : right-hand man
brazos masculine plural noun : hands, laborers

Examples of BRAZO

se echó a los brazos de su madre he threw himself into his mother's arms
le dio el brazo al bajar del autobús he gave her his arm as they got off the bus
cogió a su hermano del brazo she took her brother by the arm
iban (cogidos) del brazo they were walking arm in arm
el brazo de la ley the long arm of the law

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