bulto = package masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of BULTO

: package, bundle
vino cargado de bultos del supermercadohe arrived laden with bags from the supermarket
el camión trajo todos los bultos pesadosthe truck brought all the heavy loads
: piece of luggage, bag
pon los bultos en el maleteroput the baggage in the trunk
: size, bulk, volume
no ocupa o hace bultoit doesn't take up any space or room
he comprado regalos que ocupen poco bultoI've bought presents that won't take up much space or that are not too bulky
llevaba dos bolsas de poco bultoshe carried two small bags
no discutamos por cosas de poco bultolet's not argue about unimportant things
allí sólo estábamos para hacer bultowe were only there to make up or swell the numbers
no hay que hacer nada, solo ir de bultowe don't have to do anything, we just have to be there or to go along
: form, shape
pude distinguir unos bultosI could make out some shapes
se le notaba un bulto debajo de la chaquetayou could see a shape or bulge under his jacket
vimos un bulto moviéndose entre los árboleswe saw a shape moving in the trees
sin gafas sólo distingo los bultoswithout glasses I can only make out shapes
: lump (on the body), swelling, bulge
le salió un bulto en el cuellohe got a lump on his neck
del golpe me salió un bulto en la frenteI got a bump on my forehead when I hit myself

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