burro = dumb adjective

burro = donkey noun

burro = sawhorse masculine noun

1burro, burra


English Translation of BURRO

familiar : dumb, stupid

Examples of BURRO

    ¡qué burro! ¡no sabe la capital de Italia! what a fool or moron (familiar), he doesn't know the capital of Italy! ¡deja de empujar, no seas burro! stop pushing, you great oaf or you big brute! (familiar) ¡el muy burro se comió el pastel entero! he ate the whole cake, the pig! (familiar) ponerse burro to dig one's heels in

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English Word: burro

2burro, burra


English Translation of BURRO

familiar : dunce, poor student


masculine noun

English Translation of BURRO

Mexico : ironing board
Mexico : stepladder

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