cabo = end masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of CABO

: end al cabo de dos semanas at the end of two weeks al cabo, su dedicación a la música ha rendido sus frutos in the end, his dedication to music has borne fruit al cabo, su gran satisfacción era oír los aplausos at the end of the day, his greatest satisfaction was to hear the applause al cabo de tres meses after three months
: stub, end piecefalta cortar los cabitos de hilo the loose threads just need cutting off iluminamos la habitación con un cabo de vela we used the stub or end of a candle to light the room with escribía con un cabito he was writing with a pencil stub
: cape, headland el Cabo Cañaveral Cape Canaveral
al fin y al cabo : after all, in the end
llevar a cabo : to carry out, to doestamos llevando a cabo un proyecto en colaboración con la universidad we are carrying out a joint project with the university ya hemos llevado a cabo la recogida de firmas we have already collected the signatures en esta piscina se llevarán a cabo las pruebas de natación the swimming events will take place in this pool

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