can = poder auxiliary verb

can = enlatar transitive verb

can = lata noun


/ˈkæn/ auxiliary verb
auxiliary verb
past couldpresent singular & plural can

Spanish Translation of CAN

(referring to ability) : poder
I can't hear youno te oigo
I can do it myselfpuedo hacerlo yo mismo
I can't decideno me decido
it can withstand high temperaturespuede soportar altas temperaturas
(referring to knowledge) : saber
he can already read and writeya sabe leer y escribir
may : poder
can I sit down?¿puedo sentarme?
(expressing possibility) : poder
can/could you help me?¿podría ayudarme?
sorry, I can'tlo siento pero no puedo
I'll do what I canharé lo que pueda
she can't comeno puede venir
he can be annoyinga veces es pesado
it can get crowdeda veces se llena de gente
it can't be!¡no puede ser!
you can't be serious!¡no lo dirás en serio!
where can they be?¿dónde estarán?
we were as happy as can beestábamos contentísimos
(used to suggest or demand) : poder
why can't you be more romantic?¿por qué no puedes ser más romántico?
you can always ask for helpsiempre puedes pedir ayuda
you can't leave so soon!¡no te vayas tan pronto!
no can do familiar : no puedo

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Spanish Word: can


/ˈkæn/ transitive verb
transitive verb
canned, canning

Spanish Translation of CAN

transitive verb
: enlatar, envasar
to can tomatoesenlatar tomates



Spanish Translation of CAN

: lata feminine, envase masculine, cubo masculine
a can of beeruna lata de cerveza
garbage cancubo de basura

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