canto = canto noun


/ˈkænˌtoː/ noun
plural cantos

Spanish Translation of CANTO

: canto masculine

Examples of CANTO

estudió canto en Barcelona she studied singing in Barcelona
clases de canto singing lessons
se oían los cantos alegres de los niños you could hear the joyful songs of the children
un canto a la libertad a hymn or song to freedom
el libro cayó de canto the book fell on its side
pon el libro de canto stand the book on end or on its side
cada vez que se veían, pelea al canto every time they saw each other there was inevitably an argument
ha faltado el canto de un duro para que se caiga he was or came this close to falling
si no llega a los 10 dólares nos podemos dar con un canto en los dientes we can think or count ourselves lucky if it comes to less than 10 dollars

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Sometimes Confused With: canto (cantar), cantó (cantar)
Spanish Word: canto

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