capital = capital adjective

capital = capital masculine noun

capital = capital feminine noun



English Translation of CAPITAL

: capitalla ciudad capital the capital city pecado capital mortal sin la pena capital capital punishment
: chief, principaluna figura capital de la democracia española a key figure in Spanish democracy su obra capital es el Quijote his supreme work is Don Quixote esta pregunta es de importancia capital this question is of paramount or cardinal or capital importance

Examples of CAPITAL

    letra capital capital letter esto tuvo una importancia capital en su vida this was of paramount or cardinal importance in his life los puntos capitales de su discurso the cardinal or main points of her speech

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English Word: capital


masculine noun

English Translation of CAPITAL

: capital capital de riesgo venture capital la empresa ha ampliado el capital the company has increased its capital la entrada de capital extranjero the inflow of foreign capital

Examples of CAPITAL

    han vendido la empresa al capital extranjero they have sold the company to foreign capital or investors


feminine noun

English Translation of CAPITAL

: capital, capital citysoy de Málaga capital I am from the city of Málaga Praga, la capital europea de la cerveza Prague, the beer capital of Europe

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