caramelo = caramel masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of CARAMELO


Examples of CARAMELO

un jersey color caramelo a caramel-colored jersey
a punto de caramelo caramelized
el acuerdo está ya a punto de caramelo the agreement is on the verge of success
—¿se ha convencido? —no, pero está a punto de caramelo is he persuaded? — "no, but he's not far off it"
un par de horas en la cárcel te ponen a punto de caramelo a couple of hours in jail soon softens you up
es solo un caramelo para evitar protestas it's just a sweetener to stop us protesting
agitan el caramelo de los subsidios para ganar votos they're waving the carrot of subsidies to attract votes
su apoyo es un caramelo envenenado his support is a sugar-coated pill

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