caro = a lot adverb

caro = expensive adjective



English Translation of CARO

: a lot
costar/pagar caroto cost/pay a lot
vender caroto sell high, to sell at a high price
un error que me costó caroa mistake that cost me dearly

Examples of CARO

esa tienda vende caro that shop is expensive




English Translation of CARO

: expensive, dear
es muy/demasiado caroit's very/too expensive

Examples of CARO

un coche carísimo a very expensive car
el abrigo me costó muy caro my coat was very expensive
le costó caro tal atrevimiento his daring cost him dear
pagó cara su insolencia he paid dearly for his insolence
un piso amueblado sale más caro a furnished flat is more expensive
en total el viaje nos salió muy caro altogether the trip was or proved very expensive
las cosas que nos son tan caras the things which are so dear to us
¡mi caro amigo! my dear or beloved friend!

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