ceñir = to encircle transitive verb


transitive verb
transitive verb

English Translation of CEÑIR

transitive verb
: to encircle, to surround
: to hug, to cling to me ciñe demasiado it's too tight on me
ceñirse reflexive verb
ceñir a : to restrict oneself to, to stick to

Examples of CEÑIR

    el vestido le ceñía el cuerpo the dress clung to or hugged her body la faja le ceñía el talle the sash fitted tightly around her waist habrá que ceñir más el talle the waist will need to be taken in more la muralla que ciñe la ciudad the wall that surrounds or encircles the city un lazo de terciopelo le ceñía la cintura she had a velvet ribbon around her waist ceñí su cuerpo con mis brazos I wrapped my arms around his body la corona que ciñó nuestro rey the crown that our king wore esta biografía se ciñe a la vida personal del autor this biography limits itself or restricts itself to the author's personal life me voy a ceñir a algunos detalles significativos I am going to limit or restrict myself to certain relevant details no se ciñeron a lo acordado they did not keep to or stick to the agreement

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