cerca = close adverb

cerca = fence feminine noun



English Translation of CERCA

: close, near, nearbyno había un hospital cerca there wasn't a hospital near there or nearby está aquí cerca it's very or just near here ¿está cerca la estación? is the station near here or nearby?
cerca de : nearly, almosthay cerca de ocho toneladas there are nearly eight tons of it cerca de 2.500 personas nearly 2,500 people son cerca de las seis it's nearly six o'clock

Examples of CERCA

    está tan cerca que puedo ir andando it's so near here or so close I can just walk las casas están tan cerca que se pueden oír las conversaciones de los vecinos the houses are so close (to each other) that you can hear what the neighbors are saying quería tener más cerca a los amigos he wanted to be nearer (to) or closer to his friends las vacaciones están ya cerca the holidays are nearly here viven cerca de la playa they live near (to) or close to the beach estaba sentada cerca de mí she was sitting near me se sentía muy cerca de su familia she felt very close to her family no veo bien de cerca I can't see things close up visto de cerca, parece mayor when you see him close up or at close quarters, he seems older pudo ver de cerca la pobreza she got to see poverty close at hand or at close quarters

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Antonyms: lejoslejos
Sometimes Confused With: cerca (cercar)


feminine noun

English Translation of CERCA

: (stone) wall

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