cercano = near adjective




English Translation of CERCANO

: near, close

Examples of CERCANO

entraron en un bar cercano they went to a nearby bar
acudió a la comisaría más cercana he went to the nearest police station
sentía la presencia cercana de su madre he felt the presence of his mother nearby
un hotel cercano al aeropuerto a hotel close to or near (to) the airport
una cifra cercana a los tres millones de dólares a figure close to three million dollars
su colaborador más cercano his closest collaborator
según fuentes cercanas al ministerio according to sources close to the ministry
personas cercanas a la organización terrorista people closely linked to the terrorist organization
en el futuro cercano in the near future
cree cercana la firma del acuerdo he believes that they are close to signing the agreement
ahora, cuando está cercano el primer aniversario de su muerte now, as the first anniversary of her death approaches

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