chulo = cute adjective

chulo = pimp masculine noun




English Translation of CHULO

familiar : cute, pretty
Spain familiar : cocky, arrogant

Examples of CHULO

vino uno muy chulo y me insultó this guy comes up to me all cocky or bold as brass and insulted me (familiar)
una mujer se abanicaba, muy chula ella, en la ventana a woman was fanning herself in the window, bold as brass or as brazen as you like
se puso en plan chulo he got all cocky (familiar)
no te pongas chulo conmigo don't get cocky with me (familiar)
¡qué vestido más chulo! what a lovely dress!
¡qué chulo me ha quedado el dibujo! my drawing looks great!
chica, estás chulísima you look gorgeous


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of CHULO

Spain : pimp

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