clara = egg white feminine noun

clara = bright adjective


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of CLARA

: egg white
bata las claras a punto de nievewhisk the egg whites until they form peaks
una clara de huevoan egg white




English Translation of CLARA

: bright, clear
no ven claro cómo van a poder terminar a tiempothey can't really see how they are going to finish on time
el ministro ve claro que se puede lograr un acuerdothe minister is optimistic about reaching an agreement
lo vi claro en cuanto oí la noticiait became clear to me when I heard the news
sus padres no veían muy claro el temahis parents weren't too sure about the matter
tiene las ideas muy clarashe really knows what he wants from life
una mente claraa clear mind or thinker
: pale, fair, light
un vestido verde claroa light or pale green dress
pelo castaño clarolight brown hair
una alemana de ojos clarosa blue-eyed German girl
: clear, evident
esto es un claro reflejo de que el sistema no funcionathis is a clear indication that the system does not work
España ganó por un claro 15-6Spain won a decisive 15-6 victory
... aseguró, en clara referencia a sus superiores... he asserted, clearly referring or in an obvious reference to his superiors
ha dejado bien claro que no quiere vernos máshe has made it quite clear he does not want to see us again
dejar las cosas claras o en claroto get things clear or straight
el futuro del equipo no está muy clarothe future of the team is not very clear
¿está claro?is that clear?
estar claro queto be clear or obvious that
está claro que así no vamos a ninguna parteit's clear or obvious that we'll get nowhere like this
no está nada claro que nuestro partido vaya a ganar las eleccionesit's not at all clear that our party will win the election

Examples of CLARA

si te lees la bibliografía, te quedará todo más claro if you read the books on the reading list, it'll all be clearer to you or you'll have a better idea of things
así quedarán claras nuestras intenciones this way our intentions will be (quite) clear
ni siquiera tengo claro lo que me espera mañana I'm not even sure or clear what's in store for me tomorrow
es importante tener nuestro objetivo bien claro it is important to be sure of our objective
no lo tengo nada claro I don't really know

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