clavo = nail masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of CLAVO

: nail
clavo grandespike
: clove
dar en el clavo : to hit the nail on the head

Examples of CLAVO

estoy tan desesperado que me agarraría a un clavo ardiendo I'm so desperate I'd do anything or I'm capable of anything
los estudiantes se agarran a esta ley como a un clavo ardiendo the students are pinning their hopes on this law as their last hope
llegó a las dos en punto, como un clavo she arrived at two o'clock on the dot
a las doce, como un clavo, llamaba a la puerta at twelve o'clock, as regular as clockwork, he would call at the door
es un clavo tener que levantarse temprano it's a real pain or bind having to get up so early
¡vaya clavo que te han vendido! they've sold you a dud! (familiar)

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Sometimes Confused With: clavo (clavar), clavó (clavar)

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