cola = tail feminine noun

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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of COLA

rabo : tail cola de caballo ponytail
fila : line (of people) hacer cola to wait in line
: cola, drink
: train (of a dress)
: tails plural (of a tuxedo)
familiar : buttocks pl, rear end

Examples of COLA

    la decisión del árbitro va a traer cola this is not the last we will hear of the referee's decision hay una cola enorme en la taquilla del cine there's a huge queue at the box office se formó una cola de dos kilómetros debido al accidente a two-kilometre tailback formed because of the accident ¡a la cola! get in line! hacer cola line up ponerse a la cola to join or get into the line el ciclista estaba en or a la cola del pelotón the cyclist was at the back of or at the tail end of the pack los equipos en la cola de la tabla the teams at the foot or bottom of the table estamos a la cola de las sociedades civilizadas we are at the bottom of the league of civilized societies el equipo está en el tercer puesto por la cola the team is sitting third place from (the) bottom

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Synonyms: rabo, fin; pene, falo, verga, pito, polla, hilera, fila
Sometimes Confused With: cola (colar)

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