competencia = competition feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of COMPETENCIA

: competition, rivalry
nos enfrentamos a la competencia de los productos norteamericanoswe are faced by competition from American products
existe una fuerte competencia entre las dos empresas por el control del mercado externothe two companies are vying for control of the foreign market
en competencia directa con el sector privadoin direct competition with the private sector
actúan en competencia con el estadothey are in competition with the state
dos compañías nos hacen la competenciawe have two companies to compete with
¿me quieres hacer la competencia?are you trying to compete with me?
han conseguido hundir a la competenciathey have managed to beat the competition
ahora trabaja para la competenciashe's working for the competition now
la competencia tiene mejores ofertasour competitors have better offers
: competence
no dudo de tu competencia como abogadoI am not questioning your competence or ability as a lawyer
ese tema no es de mi competenciathat matter is outside my jurisdiction or my competence
esta decisión es competencia exclusiva del gobiernothis decision is the exclusive jurisdiction of the government
las competencias legales del Consejo de Administraciónthe jurisdiction or areas of competence of the Administrative Council

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