contento = contented adjective

contento = joy masculine noun

1contento, contenta


English Translation of CONTENTO

: contented, glad, happy¿estás contento? are you happy? estoy contenta de vivir aquí I'm happy living here viven muy contentos en su casita del campo they live very happily in their country cottage se pone muy contento cuando viene la abuela he's always pleased when his grandmother comes estar loco de contento to be overjoyed no caber en sí de contento to be overjoyed no contentos con sus excusas, lo denunciaron not satisfied with his excuses, they reported him estoy contenta con mis hijos I'm pleased with my children están muy contentos con el coche they're very pleased with the car no quedaron contentos con el trabajo they were not satisfied with the work le das una golosina y se queda tan contento he's perfectly happy if you give him a sweet no me emborraché, pero estaba contento o contentillo I didn't get drunk but I was quite merry

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Antonyms: triste, insatisfecho
Sometimes Confused With: contento (contentar), contentó (contentar)


masculine noun

English Translation of CONTENTO

: joy, happinessel anuncio fue motivo de contento the announcement gave cause for happiness or joy

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