contrario = contrary adjective

contrario, contraria


English Translation of CONTRARIO

: contrary, opposite al contrario on the contrary tuvo el resultado contrario al deseado it had the opposite of the desired effect mi opinión es contraria a la vuestra I have the opposite opinion to you
: conflicting, opposedel abogado de la parte contraria the opposing party's lawyer no llegaron nunca a la portería contraria they never got near the other or opposing side's goal se pasó al bando contrario he went over to the other or opposing side

Examples of CONTRARIO

    se mostraron contrarios al acuerdo they came out against the agreement su actitud es contraria a los intereses del país his attitude is against or contrary to the nation's interests tomamos la dirección contraria we went in the opposite direction lo multaron por ir en dirección contraria he was fined for travelling in the wrong direction un coche que venía en sentido contrario a car coming in the opposite direction el portavoz se expresó en sentido contrario the spokesperson expressed the opposite view en sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj anti-clockwise no me disgusta la idea, al contrario, me encanta I don't dislike the idea, on the contrary or quite the opposite, I think it would be wonderful —¿te aburres? —¡que va, al contrario! are you bored? — "no way, quite the opposite!" se puso el jersey al contrario he put his jumper on inside out

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Sometimes Confused With: contrarío (contrariar), contrarió (contrariar)

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