conveniente = convenient adjective



English Translation of CONVENIENTE



    el comité hará lo que considere or estime conveniente the committee will do as it sees fit es conveniente no tomar grasas en exceso it is advisable not to eat too much fat es conveniente que consulte con su abogado it is advisable to consult your lawyer sería conveniente que habláramos sobre el tema it would be advisable or desirable for us to talk about the matter sería conveniente que nos levantásemos temprano it might be a good idea for us to get up early or if we got up early la clase de cultivo conveniente a cada tierra the kind of crop suitable for each type of soil a usted le resultaría más conveniente un fondo de pensiones you would find a pension fund more convenient para nosotros es conveniente la existencia de la competencia the existence of competition is good for us or is in our interest se sentó frente a ella, guardando la conveniente distancia he sat down opposite her, keeping a proper distance

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