cruz = cross feminine noun


feminine noun
plural cruces
feminine noun
plural cruces

English Translation of CRUZ


Examples of CRUZ

    coloque los dos palos en cruz put the two sticks in a cross-shape or in the shape of a cross con los brazos en cruz with one's arms outstretched se hacía cruces cada vez que oía una palabrota he crossed himself every time he heard a swearword a partir de ahora, a los Pérez, ¡cruz y raya! that's it, I'm through with the Pérez family! or I've had it with the Pérez family! ¡qué cruz tengo con estos hijos! these kids of mine are a nightmare! (familiar) cada uno lleva su cruz each of us has his cross to bear ¿cara o cruz? heads or tails?

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Synonyms: aspa; aguantar

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