cuanto = as much as adverb

cuanto = as many adjective

cuanto = as much as pronoun



English Translation of CUANTO

: as much as come cuanto puedas eat as much as you can
cuanto antes : as soon as possibletiene que estar terminado cuanto antes it has to be finished as soon as possible ven cuanto antes come as soon as you can or as soon as possible
en cuanto : as soon asen cuanto as soon as en cuanto lo supe me fui as soon as I heard I left iré en cuanto pueda I'll go as soon as I can
en cuanto a : as for, as regardsel cuento infantil, en cuanto género literario children's stories, as a literary genre en cuanto a as regards en cuanto a tu aumento de sueldo, lo discutiremos en diciembre as regards or as for your pay rise, we'll discuss it in December

Examples of CUANTO

    el sistema tiene ventajas en cuanto a seguridad y comodidad as regards or with regard to safety and comfort, the system has advantages en cuanto a mí as for me

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Sometimes Confused With: cuánto

2cuanto, cuanta


English Translation of CUANTO

: as many, whatever llévate cuantas flores quieras take as many flowers as you wish daremos cuantos créditos se precisen we will give as many loans as (are) needed or whatever loans are needed

3cuanto, cuanta


English Translation of CUANTO

: as much as, all that, everything tengo cuanto deseo I have all that I want tiene todo cuanto desea he has everything or all (that) he wants tome cuanto quiera take as much as you want
unos cuantos, unas cuantas : a fewlo sabíamos unos cuantos, pero la mayoría no a few of us knew, but most people didn't hay unos cuantos en clase que no hacen más que molestar there are a few people in the class who do nothing but cause trouble —¿cuántos vinieron? —unos cuantos how many people came? — "quite a few"

Examples of CUANTO

    cuantos más mejor the more the better

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