de = of preposition



English Translation of DE

(indicating connection or belonging) : of la casa de Pepe Pepe's house el cuatro de abril the fourth of April, April fourth la reina de Inglaterra the Queen of England el mejor de todos the best of all
(indicating a quality or condition) : of un asunto de gran importancia a matter of great importance un niño de tres años a three-year-old boy estoy de vacaciones I'm on vacation
(indicating content, material, or quantity) : of un vaso de agua a glass of water una casa de madera a wooden house, a house made of wood una gran cantidad de lluvia a large amount of rain
(indicating a source or starting point) : from es de Managua she's from Managua salió del edificio he left the building
(with time) : in, at a las tres de la mañana at three in the morning salen de noche they go out at night
(with numbers) : than más de tres more than three
(indicating a particular example) : of el mes de junio the month of June
(indicating a cause) morirse de hambre to be dying of/from starvation gritar de alegría to shout with/for joy
: about libros de historia history books, books about history
(indicating purpose) : for ropa de deporte sportswear, athletic clothes máquina de coser sewing machine
: as ella trabaja de camionera she works as a truck driver
: if de haberlo sabido if I had known de continuar esta situación if this situation continues

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Sometimes Confused With: (dar)

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