dejado = slovenly adjective




English Translation of DEJADO

: slovenly
es tan dejado que ni siquiera lava los platoshe's so slovenly he doesn't even bother to do the washing up
va siempre muy dejadohe's always very scruffy
está muy dejada desde que vive en el camposhe's got very scruffy since she started living in the country
con ese aspecto tan dejado nunca conseguirás trabajoyou'll never get a job looking so scruffy
: careless, lazy
comete esos errores porque es un dejadohe makes those mistakes because he's so careless or sloppy
eres muy dejado con tu familiayou don't bother much about or with your family
no te escribe porque es una dejadashe doesn't write to you because she can't really be bothered

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Sometimes Confused With: dejado (dejar)

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