descanso = rest masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of DESCANSO

: rest, relaxationlos niños no me dejan ni un minuto de descanso the children don't give me a moment's rest hoy es jornada de descanso en la competición today is a rest day in the competition el silencio será bueno para el descanso del bebé the quiet will be a good chance for the baby to get some rest or sleep rogamos una oración por su eterno descanso we ask you to pray for her eternal rest
: breaktengo tres días de descanso a la semana I get three days off every week hago un descanso cada dos horas I have or take a break every two hours estudió sin descanso hasta aprobar she studied constantly until she passed condujo toda la noche sin descanso he drove all night without a break
: landing (of a staircase)

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Antonyms: trabajo, movilidad
Sometimes Confused With: descanso (descansar), descansó (descansar)

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