descuido = carelessness masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of DESCUIDO

: carelessness, negligencela colisión ocurrió por un descuido del maquinista the crash was caused by a careless mistake on the part of the driver se me olvidó invitarla por descuido I carelessly forgot to invite her dejó caer el pañuelo como por descuido she dropped her handkerchief as if by accident no toleran el descuido en el aspecto externo they don't tolerate any carelessness in one's appearance con descuido carelessly
: slip, oversighten un descuido le robaron el bolso her bag was stolen when she wasn't looking or in a moment of inattention al menor descuido te puedes salir de la carretera if your attention wanders or if you get distracted, even for a moment, the car can go off the road

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