destinado = destined adjective




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Examples of DESTINADO

¿a quién va destinada la carta? who is the letter addressed to?
se perdieron todos los paquetes destinados a Madrid all the parcels for or bound for Madrid were lost
está destinado en Córdoba he's based in Córdoba
destinado a or para algo set aside for something
un camión destinado a or para el reparto a truck used for deliveries
redujeron el espacio destinado al olivar the area given over to olive trees has been reduced
destinado a algo destined for something
la obra estaba destinada al fracaso the play was destined for failure or to fail
estaba destinado a morir joven he was destined to die young
destinado a alguien/algo intended for somebody/something
un libro destinado a los niños a book intended for or aimed at children
una nueva ley destinada a proteger al menor a new law intended to protect minors
ir destinado a to be bound for

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Sometimes Confused With: destinado (destinar)

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