destino = destiny masculine noun


masculine noun

English Translation of DESTINO

: destiny, fatees mi destino no encontrarlo I am fated not to find it el destino lo quiso así it was destined to happen rige los destinos del país he rules the country's fate
destinación : destinationa franquear en destino postage will be paid by the addressee van con destino a Londres they are going to London ¿cuál es el destino de este cuadro? where is this picture going or for?
: usedar destino a algo to find a use for something
: assignment, post¿qué destino tienes? where have you been placed? buscarse un destino de sereno to look for a job as a night watchman

Examples of DESTINO

    salió con destino al aeropuerto she set off for the airport con destino a Londres to London

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Sometimes Confused With: destiño (desteñir), destiñó (desteñir), destino (destinar), destinó (destinar)

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