destino = destiny masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of DESTINO

: destiny, fatees mi destino no encontrarlo I am fated not to find it el destino lo quiso así it was destined to happen rige los destinos del país he rules the country's fate
destinación : destinationa franquear en destino postage will be paid by the addressee van con destino a Londres they are going to London ¿cuál es el destino de este cuadro? where is this picture going or for? salió con destino al aeropuerto she set off for the airport con destino a Londres to London
: usedar destino a algo to find a use for something
: assignment, post¿qué destino tienes? where have you been placed? buscarse un destino de sereno to look for a job as a night watchman

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Sometimes Confused With: destiño (desteñir), destiñó (desteñir), destino (destinar), destinó (destinar)

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