disgusto = annoyance masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of DISGUSTO


Examples of DISGUSTO

    la noticia me causó un gran disgusto I was very upset by the news eso te va a costar un disgusto that is going to get you into trouble vas a darle un disgusto a mamá con tan malas notas Mom's going to be upset about those bad marks of yours nunca nos dio un disgusto he never caused us any worry or trouble vas a matar a tu madre a disgustos (familiar) you'll be the death of your mother (familiar) —la han despedido —¡qué disgusto! they've fired her — "that's terrible or awful!" como sigas así, tú y yo tendremos un disgusto if you carry on like that, we're going to fall out hacer algo a disgusto to do something unwillingly estar or sentirse a disgusto to be or feel ill at ease

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