distracción = distraction feminine noun


feminine noun
plural distracciones
feminine noun
plural distracciones

English Translation of DISTRACCIÓN

: forgetfulness


    leer es mi distracción favorita reading is my favorite pastime or form of entertainment no faltan distracciones para los niños there is no lack of entertainment for the children colecciona sellos como distracción he collects stamps as a hobby el trabajo me sirve de distracción my work is a distraction for me este libro te servirá de distracción this book will help you take your mind off things en un momento de distracción me robaron la cartera my attention wandered or I got distracted for a moment and I had my wallet stolen la causa del accidente podría ser una distracción del conductor the accident could have been caused by a lapse of concentration on the driver's part no te saludaría por distracción I must have been so distracted that I didn't say hello

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