extrañar = to miss transitive verb


transitive verb
transitive verb

English Translation of EXTRAÑAR

transitive verb
: to miss (someone)
extrañarse reflexive verb
: to be surprised

Examples of EXTRAÑAR

    eso me extraña that surprises me ¡no me extrañaría! I wouldn't be surprised! ¡ya me extrañaba a mí! I thought it was a bit strange! me extrañaba que no hubieras venido I was surprised you hadn't come me extrañaría que ... I'd be surprised if ... no es de extrañar que ... it's hardly surprising that ... esta noche he extrañado mi cama last night I missed sleeping in my own bed extraña mucho a sus padres he misses his parents a lot extrañarse de algo to be surprised at something me extrañé de la reacción de tu hermano I was surprised at your brother's reaction

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