favor = favor masculine noun


masculine noun

English Translation of FAVOR

: favorfavor de venir puntualmente please be punctual ¿me puedes hacer un favor? can you do me a favor? ¡está para hacerle un favor! she's really something! (familiar)
a favor de : in favor ofhay un 50% de gente a favor 50% of people are in favor votos a favor votes in favor ¿estás a favor o en contra? are you for or against it?
por favor : please¿me dejan pasar, por favor? could I get past, please?

Examples of FAVOR

    hacer un flaco favor a alguien to do no favors to somebody ¿me hace el favor de bajarme la maleta? I wonder if you could get my suitcase down for me, please? ¡hagan el favor de callarse! will you please be quiet! si hace el favor de pasar if you'd like or care to go in la balanza está a nuestro favor the balance is in our favor el tiempo corre a nuestro favor time is on our side lo tenía todo a su favor she had everything going for her el partido ya estaba decidido a favor de la jugadora española the Spanish player already had the match sewn up el director se manifestó en favor del cine europeo the director spoke in favor of or expressed his support for the European film industry tener el viento a favor to have the wind behind one or in one's favor

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