from = desde preposition

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Spanish Translation of FROM

(indicating a starting, central, or lowest point) : desde, de, a partir de from Cali to Bogota de Cali a Bogotá where are you from? ¿de dónde eres? he watched us from above nos miraba desde arriba from that time onward desde entonces from January to March de enero a marzo, desde enero hasta marzo from tomorrow a partir de mañana they cost from 5 to 10 dollars cuestan entre 5 y 10 dólares to speak from the heart hablar con el corazón
off, out of : de she took it from the drawer lo sacó del cajón
(indicating a source or sender) : de a letter from my friend una carta de mi amiga a quote from Shakespeare una cita de Shakespeare
(indicating distance) : de 10 feet from the entrance a 10 pies de la entrada we got separated from the group nos vimos separados del grupo
(indicating a cause) : de red from crying rojos de llorar he died from the cold murió del frío
(indicating material) : de made from wood (hecho) de madera
(indicating blocking, removal, etc.) : de to protect from proteger de to provide relief from aliviar to refrain from abstenerse de to omit from omitir de she was excluded from the club no la admitieron en el club
(indicating a change) : de from bad to worse de mal en peor
(in mathematics) : de to deduct something from something deducir/descontar algo de algo to subtract 10 from 30 restarle 10 a 30, restar 10 de 30
(indicating alternatives) : de to choose from (among) elegir de (entre)

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