from = desde preposition


/ˈfrʌm, ˈfrɑm/ preposition

Spanish Translation of FROM

(indicating a starting, central, or lowest point) : desde, de, a partir de
from Cali to Bogotade Cali a Bogotá
where are you from?¿de dónde eres?
he watched us from abovenos miraba desde arriba
from that time onwarddesde entonces
from January to Marchde enero a marzo, desde enero hasta marzo
from tomorrowa partir de mañana
they cost from 5 to 10 dollarscuestan entre 5 y 10 dólares
to speak from the hearthablar con el corazón
off, out of : de
she took it from the drawerlo sacó del cajón
(indicating a source or sender) : de
a letter from my frienduna carta de mi amiga
a quote from Shakespeareuna cita de Shakespeare
(indicating distance) : de
10 feet from the entrancea 10 pies de la entrada
we got separated from the groupnos vimos separados del grupo
(indicating a cause) : de
red from cryingrojos de llorar
he died from the coldmurió del frío
(indicating material) : de
made from wood(hecho) de madera
(indicating blocking, removal, etc.) : de
to protect fromproteger de
to provide relief fromaliviar
to refrain fromabstenerse de
to omit fromomitir de
she was excluded from the clubno la admitieron en el club
(indicating a change) : de
from bad to worsede mal en peor
(in mathematics) : de
to deduct something from somethingdeducir/descontar algo de algo
to subtract 10 from 30restarle 10 a 30, restar 10 de 30
(indicating alternatives) : de
to choose from (among)elegir de (entre)

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